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Collecting and delivering cars Nationwide

Welcome to Wilson's

We provide a professional car collection and car delivery service throughout the United Kingdom. An independent family run vehicle transporter business,  delivering cars for main dealerships in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

A nationwide travel car transporter and trailer service for the motor industry, dealer to dealer, corporate and fleet sales, delivering cars direct to your customers. 

Every vehicle is inspected before collection, customer contacted and delivery time confirmed, full corporate handover, MoDel system used, all driver`s are uniformed. 

All our Transporters have a tracker system installed so we can check its location at any time. We have transporters that can carry all weights and types of car.

Book your car delivery today, "its as good as delivered!"

Book your car delivery today

Simply give us a call on the number below to get your car booked in for collection and delivery or send an email for a quick response!

Remember to give collection postcode and delivery postcode

Type of vehicle and contact details.

Call us on 0845 486 0228


Car delivery

We can deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom. Door to door delivery, we also have the electronic moDel delivery system in place, uniformed drivers, complete corporate handover in complete peace of mind.  Tracker devices fitted to all transporters.


Five Car Delivery

5 car delivery is ideal to help with those bulk deliveries.

Tyres and balancing

Secure Fleet Parking

Wilson's secure compound complete with CCTV and flood lights. A growing fleet of car transporters.

Where to find us

It’s easy to find us – just follow the map or pop our address into your sat nav…

Wilson's HQ
Palmer Street
Opp Pickering Court
Tyne & Wear
NE32 3JJ

Struggling to find us?

No worries, give us a call on 0845 486 0228