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Terms & Conditions

Wilson car delivery are a professional logistics company based in the Northeast of England.  Our service is second to none!  Each vehicle is carefully processed before collection,  then fully inspected by highly trained and experienced vehicle movement drivers before they load your vehicle onto a car transporter. 

If a vehicle is damaged or dirty at the point of collection,  the driver will markdown on our Proof of Collection form before informing the dealership and our transport office,  collection will not continue until authorised.

After collection of your vehicle,  our delivery driver will then contact the customer the day before delivery to confirm a delivery time,  99% of our deliveries are AM deliveries allowing our drivers time to travel and continue with their day,  collecting vehicles for the next day deliveries.

While every effort is made to keep to the delivery schedules, unforeseen circumstances may delay some deliveries,  the driver will keep customers updated every step of the way.

Wilson Car Delivery shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle after handover to the customer,  paperwork signed and completed,  with no defects recorded.   It is the customer's responsibility to check over the vehicle thoroughly and raise any concerns or queries to the driver at this stage,  once we have departed from delivery,  we will not be liable for any missing items or damage found.  

Return vehicles - Every care is taken when checking over each return vehicle,  we will not be liable for any damage found if the vehicle is dirty,  wet,  or icy on collection as sufficient checks cannot be carried out. 

Once we have been instructed to collect a vehicle on a particular day,  our drivers will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes,  if the driver is required to wait any longer for the vehicle,  then a waiting charge shall be applied,  the charge is currently £35.00 for the first hour exclusive of VAT.   If the driver is unable to collect the vehicle after one hour,  then a full cancellation fee for the space reserved for that vehicle will be charged,  unless otherwise agreed!  

Any cancellations made within 24 business hours of the movement will be charged a full cancellation fee as the space for that vehicle cannot be filled at such short notice.  All invoices are to be paid with a sent remittance within 30 days of the movement being carried out unless otherwise agreed!

Subject to increased fuel costs.  Delivery prices may change with one weeks' notice,  any bookings prior to the notice date,  the price will be honoured.  Weekly accounts will make payments on a Friday,  monthly accounts will make payments on the last day of each month. 

Late payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge.

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